Learn To Play Jazz Piano

Learn to play Jazz piano using my fun and easy method. If you would like to test-drive my free piano lessons, fill out the form on this page to see how I will teach you to play piano using my video-based piano lessons.

Now, I do not believe in "Learn the piano today" or "Play piano fast" methods. My teaching is built on solid piano theory that I have learned in my twenty plus years of performing on the piano and through my years at Berklee College of Music.

What does this mean for you? Well, if you want to learn how to play Jazz piano, you're gonna need to do your part...practice! I'll show you what and how to practice. It's then up to you to practice the concepts, theory and songs that I am showing you. Don't worry though, it is easy and fun.

Get started learning Jazz piano by first filling out the form to the right to get free piano lessons. This trial will let you "kick the tires" and test-drive the member's area. You will also get access to the User's forum where you can exchange ideas with me and other students.

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